Sunday, October 30, 2011

Moving Update

Moving Update

By Keith Bunn Jr.
October 30, 2011

Harmed, no. Stressed, yes! As most of you know, we are at the tail end of our big move from White Cloud, MI to Grand Rapids, MI. I would say we are about 95% to 98% done. I still have to get our office arranged the way I’d like so I can kick this business into overdrive.
Even though we had been moving small amounts of stuff here for a week, the biggest part of the move didn’t take place until Oct. 28th.  Shortly after I got home from work (about 6:15 AM), we were already starting to see the signs of stress of the big part of the move. My step-son Cody woke up sick. Just like that, we were a man down. So Julie and I went to pick up the moving truck and started our trek north. An hour later, I had the truck backed up to the front door and we started loading our stuff. Now I have to tell you, you have no idea how much crap you can accumulate in 20 years until you try to pack it up to move.
Later, after lunch, we got word that Cody was feeling better and was on his way up north, but as usual, Murphy (you know Murphy, from Murphy’s Law) stepped in again and Cody’s car broke down and had to get it and himself towed back to the house. Soon after, Julie’s Cousin Kim came over and helped us stay on task and get things loaded on the truck. And I needed it too. After working 8 hours already from work, I was beat and needed someone to kick me in the tail to keep me going. When were got the truck loaded from front to back, we thanked Kim for her help and we waited for Cody’s friend David, who was going to help us unload. Back in Grand Rapids, my brother Dave met us at our storage unit to unload a few things there and then the rest of the stuff at the house. So after I had been up for almost 30 hours straight, we finally called it a night and I fell deep into a coma.
The next day, with the help of my brother and the boys, we went back up to White Cloud to grab a bunch more stuff. Now, there is very little stuff left to grab and we can grab that with the cars we have.
Now you maybe asking yourself, “What does this have to do with finance?” and my answer would be, it has a lot to do with finance. One of the things that have to take place when you’re in a financial mess and you decide its time to clean that mess up is sacrifice. And in our case, Julie is making the biggest sacrifice out of all of us. She left a job that she has had for decades. And because she left that job, we decided to move closer to both of our jobs, to move from a house that she has lived in, longer than she has been a mom. Also, now that we live closer to our jobs, there is plenty of time in between work for both of us to get back and forth so all we need is one car now, even if I’m working overtime, so we’re selling my car.
So what are we getting in return for all this sacrificing? Well, Julie’s new job pays a little more than she did at her other job, plus there is more room to advance compared to no room at the other place. On top of that, with us selling my car, we will be paying less in gas, insurance, registration, and up keep. Is our sacrifice huge? For some people, yes. But there are others that are so hardcore when it comes to cleaning up their messes, they are literally are on beans and rice and ramen noodles for years. So the question I have for you is, what level of sacrifice would you go to, to clean up your financial mess?
I would like to thank everyone who helped with our move. I’d also like to thank all of you for your patience while we have been in the process of this move and I haven’t been on Facebook and Tweeter that much, but now that I’m some what back to normal, I will be paying more attention to all these things.

“Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.”  - Ayn Rand -

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