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By Keith Bunn Jr.
March 4, 2012

We all know that having a collection can be a lot of fun and depending on what you’re collecting; they can be both expensive and/or valuable.
I have a few collections of my own, none of them I’m adding to right now due to our journey of becoming debt free ourselves. In fact, I have even sold some of the collections in yard sales and on Ebay to speed up our debt snowball. I haven’t sold all of them, I’m hoping to save some of it to pass down to my kids and grandkids when I’m gone.
What little bit of insight I want to pass on to you today is… whatever you are collecting, it’s just STUFF. I know it may be special to you but if selling it betters your family’s financial future, well then sell it. Now I’m not talking about selling your antiques you inherited from you grandparents. But something you have collected and that you’re not really displaying.
I do have to admit that as of right now, even though I have sold some of my collectables, I still do have more that I’m not displaying right now and that’s because we’ve been discussing about moving again and we’re doing pretty good to the point I don’t think I have to sell it, but if it ever got to the point where I thought I would have to, I’d sell it in a heartbeat. I could always get more STUFF once we’re debt free.
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