Thursday, March 29, 2012

I owe you all an Apology

I owe you all an Apology

By Keith Bunn Jr.
March 29, 2012

As most of you know, I know very little about running a business, but I’m learning! I’ve been reading blogs and books on starting, building, and running a business. Another thing I do is listen to business podcasts while I’m at work. One in particular is called Coach Radio, hosted by Justin Lukasavige. Justin is a business coach I stumbled across while listening to another podcast. The last two weeks I e-mailed Justin and asked him some questions about my blogging and posting them on my social media sights and with my permission, he answered them on his last two podcasts. Needless to say, he beat me with a wet noodle, and rightfully so! It would seem that I have been alienating some of you by unintentional spamming you with my blogs.
You see, after everything Julie & I have gone through with battling and chipping away at our debt, it has been a passion of mine to help anyone else out there that might be struggling with it too. To share what we have learned so that they can live debt free also, but I have been going about it all wrong. So I humbly apologize to each and every one of you. I only wanted to help those out there that might be struggling with their debt too.
With that being said, I’m going to be making some changes. After I post this blog, I will not be posting links to future blogs on Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin until I can learn how to do it better. I will be trying to figure out how to create a newsletter that can be sent out to those of you out there who want to read my blogs. In the meantime, if you want me to send you my blogs in an e-mail, you can let me know by shooting me an e-mail requesting me to do that at . I will not share your information with anyone. If you feel uncomfortable sharing your e-mail address with me but still want to read my blogs, I post new ones every Sunday at .
Again, I’m truly sorry about the spamming. If any of you are thinking about starting a business or have one and would like to see if you can improve it in any way, I highly recommend listening to the Coach Radio podcast through iTunes or you can listen to it on Justin’s website at . He puts out lots of good stuff each week and he can help you no matter what your business is.


  1. Interesting, no apology needed. I never felted I was getting spammed by you. I enjoyed reading your fb entries. I will happily sign up for your newsletter. You've helped people that you are not even aware of through your fb postings, some people would rather be anonymous, and read without letting anyone know they are struggling. So know, that God put you where you needed to be at that time. Best wishes and thank you,

  2. Thank you Marce! I knew that some of you out there wouldn't feel that way but by the way certain ways my business isn't growing it is because I have to learn to be more patient & learn how to do things the right way & in the right order.
    Thank you for your overall support in this venture!