Sunday, November 13, 2011

How is this helping?

How is this helping?

By Keith Bunn Jr.
November 13, 2011

I guess I just don’t get it and I do have to admit that I really haven’t paid too much attention to all the “Occupy Wall Street” protesting for the simple fact that if you ask one person why they are protesting, they will give you an answer. If you go over to the other side of the same group and ask the same question “why”, you will get a completely different answer. And it is also different at all the other places that these protests have spread to. My question to all those protestor every where is, HOW IS THIS HELPING YOU!!
I understand you’re mad about the corruption in our government, but how is this helping you? I understand that you maybe out of work, but how is sleeping in a tent at the protest site for days or weeks at a time helping you find work? I understand that you feel like the rich are getting richer while you are becoming more broke, but how is holding a sign all day that says “We are the 99%” helping you to build some wealth of your own? I just don’t get it!!!
Part of the reason I don’t get it is because my wife and I are trying to get our financial act together because we’ve realized that its not up to Washington DC, the state of Michigan, Kent county, or the city of Grand Rapids to fix our lives or our financial mess. IT’S OUR RESPONSIBILITY!!! And your life and mess is yours!!!
One of the problems I think is a lack of knowledge. The knowledge that protesting isn’t going to solve your problems, its not going to stop the corruption in the government, its not going to get you employed, and it is surely not going to help you pay off any debts you may have or start building wealth of your own. To fix these things in your life, you will either figure them out on your own or with some help. Either way, will be a lot better than protesting.
And to help you out, I’ll give you some book titles I recommend you start reading immediately. For helping you find work, I recommend 48 days to the work you love and No More Mondays. Both by Dan Miller.
To help you understand rich people and to learn that they are not like the people you see on TV or in the movies, I recommend The Millionaire Next Door, and The Millionaire Mind. Both by Tom Stanley. And finally, to help you figure out how to start paying off your debt and build some wealth of your own, I recommend The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey.
The choice is yours. You can either sit in the poo that is your life or you can do something to get out of the poo.

"Here is a good question to ponder: What is in your life today that is not in line with what you want tomorrow?" - Dr. Henry Cloud –

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