Sunday, November 20, 2011



By Keith Bunn Jr.
November 20, 2011

Out of all the books I’ve read, podcasts I've listened to, etc… the one thing that is constant is that you have to know why you want to do anything you want to do. I know that sounds like it would be a no brainier, but think about it. How many times have you wanted to do something, get out of debt, lose weight, save money, etc… and you started doing just that, but a week, month, or a year later, you stopped doing what you wanted to do. We all do it, (myself included). And we give some sort of excuse for why we stopped. It was too hard, I didn’t get results fast enough, I felt deprived, the list goes on and on.
If we can remember the why’s, we can all accomplish our goals. Why do I want to get out of debt? So I have more money, take trips, and give more. Why do I want to lose weight? So I can have more energy, live longer, and be healthier.
Now this part is mainly for the guys out there. Women do it to from time to time, but this is more of a guy trait. Guys, don’t go home when you’ve discovered some kind of plan, whether it deals with money, diet, etc… and announce to the household, “We’re on a plan!”  Because if you don’t go over the why’s first, you will have some serious resistance and you won’t get anywhere with whatever plan you came up with. For example; if you discovered a plan to get out of debt and you came home and said to your family, “Hey guys, I just heard about this plan today about how we can get out of debt and start saving some serious money. What we’re going to do is, we’re going to go on a budget, we’re not going to take a vacation this year, and the kids are going to have to quit all their sport events. And dear, we’re going to have to sell your car to get rid of that payment.”
If you did that, your family would think you went crazy and they would be right. If instead you said something like “Hey everyone, I was thinking today, what would it be like if we had extra funds to do things and go to places that we always wanted to do? We could take that really big trip we’ve always talked about, we could possibly put that addition on the house we’ve talked about for years… what do you guys think?
Now once you've got the family fired up and dreaming about the why, the out come of the changes, then you can go over your ideas on how you can accomplish those goals together.

“The triumph can't be had without the struggle.”  - Wilma Rudolph - (1940 - 1994)

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