Sunday, November 25, 2012

Money lessons from Smallville

Money lessons from Smallville

By Keith Bunn Jr.
November 25, 2012


Have you ever watched the TV series Smallville? If you haven't, Smallville is the story about the young Clark Kent (a.k.a. Superman) living on his adopted parent's Kansas farm. In the series you follow Clark as he discovers and develops his super abilities as well as his existing and future relationships. One of those relationships is with his longtime high school sweetheart, Lana Lang.
To make a long story short, in one of the episodes, Clark and Lana are visited by a trio of superhero time traveler. After everything is said and done and the day is saved once more, a couple of the time travelers vaguely tell Clark and Lana what is to become of them in the future  Shortly after the trio go back to their time, Clark and Lana discuss what they were told, and towards the end of their conversation, Lana wisely tells Clark, "Our destinies are not written in some book in the future  we write it ourselves everyday." Which Clark follows up with, "Then the question is, what do we write next?"

Where Does the Money Part Come In?

Now I know that what they said had nothing to do with money, but those two comments could very easily be used when discussing it. Let me explain by rewriting it a bit...  
"Whether our destinies are for us to be broke or wealthy, it is not written in some book in the future, we write it ourselves everyday."
"Then the question is, what do we write next, are we going to be broke or wealthy?"
You see, it is what we do with our money that will determine whether we will be wealthy or broke. Just because you maybe broke now, doesn't mean that you'll always be broke, and just because you maybe wealthy now, doesn't mean you'll always be wealthy, it all depends on what you do.


1) Do you want to be wealthy or poor?
2) What are you going to do about it? 
3) Do you feel like your financial situation is going to stay the same no matter what you do? 
4) What are some of the things you can do now to start changing it?
5) Do you need help making those changes?  Let me help. 

I hope my posts inspire you to look at what you’re doing financially and if needed, make some changes that will cause you to win financially. I also look forward to reading your views on any articles or postings that I may post. For more money news, facts and ideas, follow me on Facebook, or Twitter. Thank you!

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