Sunday, November 18, 2012

You want to win with your money, change your behavior

You want to win with your money, change your behavior

By Keith Bunn Jr.
November 18, 2012

For most people, a second part time job or some overtime is necessary to either get out of debt or to pick up the financial slack due to someone in your household not working anymore. No matter what you're doing, for whatever reason, you will not win with your money if you don't change the behaviors that got you into your mess in the first place. Personal finance is 20% knowledge, 80% behavior. To put it another way, we all know that we are supposed to eat good and exercise regularly, but a good portion of us don't do it, myself included. It is just so much easier to do whatever we've always been doing. But it makes no sense to work all those extra hours, earning all that extra money if you are still spending more than you make. Its not an easy task and it does take more self discipline for some people, but if you can make the changes necessary to win with your money, you will find no greater reward than being debt free and have money in the bank.


I really only have one question for you this week.

1) What changes can you and your family make in order to win with money? 

I hope my posts inspire you to look at what you’re doing financially and if needed, make some changes that will cause you to win financially. I also look forward to reading your views on any articles or postings that I may post. For more money news, facts and ideas, follow me on Facebook, or Twitter. Thank you!

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